‘The menu exhibits the history, intricacy and dumpling comfort of a cuisine often written off as sausages. It is close to the South Ken’s “Museum Quarter” and also The Albert Hall, so I find many opportunities to visit Ognisko to order what I nearly always do — smoked eel with Salat Olivier, blinis or pierogi or pelmeni or placki (potato pancakes) with the great combo of chicken livers and dried cherries. Vodka obvs, but also careful study of the wine bin ends.’  Read More


‘Glamorouimagess, slightly bossy waitresses make you want to clear your plates like a good girl!’ Marina O’Loughlin

‘Best of all are placki: potato pancakes, crisp like rösti, topped with chicken livers in a plum sauce studded with dried black cherries. The livers are velvety and plush, the cherries sour-sweet little bombs. These are humble ingredients raised to opulent nobility, as comforting and luxurious as a fur mantle, even if my tinted sunblock has now melted all over the linen tablecloth.’  Read More


‘I speak no Polish but I think sledz po kaszubsku might mean “antidote”. It’s strips of sweetly cured herring, topped with a tomato-and-raisin sort-of-salsa and flanked by home-pickled shallots. Not only does it whack in proper doses of every “superfood” on record but it also tastes glorious. Somehow light, somehow without the oily honk of so many pickled fish.’ Read More




‘On a warm and perfect evening, not so long ago, we found ourselves at Ognisko, on south London’s Exhibition Road.  With a vodka lemon sgroppino – imagine the nicest lemonade you’ve ever had – and a plate of perfect, pillowy blinis served with keta caviar, this is summertime heaven deepened by just a touch of Mittel-European nostalgia.’ Read More


Queen of T

‘Many people’s perception of Ognisko is as the dining room of the members only Polish Club – but that isn’t at all it. Open to all, it is a truly magical place where one can find sophisticated and exotic cuisine (something different where you really don’t understand half of the words on the menu) and showstoppingly good drinks at a smart venue and at a reasonably affordable price. So what is stopping you?’ Read More

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‘Polish cuisine has, it’s fair to say, largely been overlooked in London. It isn’t hard to see why. In a city where exciting and fresh cuisines are prized, there’s something about the old standbys of beetroot, dumplings and herring that seems rather staid. Yet there’s one restaurateur, Jan Woroniecki, who seems determined to make Polish food as desirable as any French, Italian or Lebanese dish. With the splendid Ognisko, he has set the bar pretty high indeed.’ Read More





‘Ognisko is a rarity. First of all it is one of London‘s few Polish restaurants that flirts with fine dining, offering traditional yet scintillating flavours that separate it from is central European brethren. […] The dining room at Ognisko is nothing short of beautiful. Exuding elegance at every corner, it‘s a white table cloth affair with white walls, dark wooden floors and golden wall sconces and chandeliers illuminating the room with a soft light. ‘ Read More



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There probably aren’t many more delightful ways to spend National Caviar Day, if it turns out to be a balmy evening, than out on the terrace at Ognisko in South Kensington. Sip vodka, enjoy and imagine what this place must have been like when Polish emigres and officers were here during the second World War. Read More



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‘Ideal City escape’

Entering through the reception, you are in awe of the history that is present in this building, as much of the charm of pre-war Mittle Europe remains. We were shown to the terrace at the back of the building and were surprised that in the centre of such a busy city that is London, such a calm space still existed. Hidden away in a garden square, we were left to enjoy our meal.The menu included classic Polish dishes such as Pierogi and Pork Cracking with Apple Sauce, and unlike many restaurants these days; the chefs have stayed true to their roots, allowing quality ingredients and traditional recipes to speak for themselves. Read More

the guardian logoBest of all are placki: potato pancakes, crisp like rösti, topped with chicken livers in a plum sauce studded with dried black cherries. The livers are velvety and plush, the cherries sour-sweet little bombs. These are humble ingredients raised to opulent nobility, as comforting and luxurious as a fur mantle, even if my tinted sunblock has now melted all over the linen tablecloth.

There’s a gentleness to Ognisko, despite the chilli vodka that strips all feeling from your palate and turns your eyeballs pedigree Pekinese. Read More

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‘Some places have a touch of indefinable charm. This elegantly decorated but wholly affordable Polish restaurant in a three-storey Victorian terrace, a stone’s throw from the V&A, is one of them. The dining room drips with old-world appeal, and a back terrace with marquee looks out onto leafy grounds: unmatched alfresco dining for summer. Enjoy Polish classics such as pierogi, beetroot soup and stuffed cabbage rolls. And don’t bypass the sautéed chicken livers with dried cherries – they are beyond compare. This is a spot like no other in London.’



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‘Jan Woroniecki, previously of Wodka in St Alban’s Grove, runs the  restaurant at the Polish Heart Club with aplomb. It’s thumbs-up for the new  regime from regulars, who pack the place out at weekends,  and it continues to wow first-timers. The  building has great bones and the room is elegance itself, with its high ceilings, extravagant mouldings and rococo chandeliers. Ognisko gives Polish food a good name, and many a naysayer has come away raving about the confit goose leg or venison with sour cherries.’






‘Chocolate mousse with vodka-marinated sour cherries and cream is served as three separate entities in glass bowls, the mousse crowned by slices of candied orange. It is the sort of dessert that brooks no argument. […]

Flaki, a soup based on beef tripe, is revealed as husky sustenance, with strips of offal that have valiantly given their all to the peppery, vegetable-mined stock bolstered by quarters of hard-boiled egg. Flaki is considered champion for hangovers, which brings us neatly to a drinks list that could provide hours of amusement  — particularly for vodka and cocktail lovers.’ Read More



euron‘This is definitely the best place associated with Poland which I’ve been faced with in London so far.[…] It is worth to come and have a seat especially in the evening, when candles are scattered on white tablecloths and inspiring bustle comes from the nearby bar. ‘ Read More




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‘[Ognisko] Monumental martinis enlist some of the country’s finest rye and potato distillations: Chopin; Sobieski; Belvedere; Potocki et al. Served in chilled coupettes, they are text-book perfect.’  Read More

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‘Date Night Perfection’


‘My main was amazing, I only wish I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything prior so I could fully appreciate it. Choucroute of golonka, barbecued pork ribs and sausage with sauerkraut salad  was a carnivore’s dream. I loved it. The sausage was plump hot dog style, juicy and peppery. The ribs were covered in a sticky BBQ sauce and the Golonka (ham hock) so tender and sweet. I tried, I really did but I just couldn’t eat it all, damn those dumplings.’ Read More



‘Beyond Bigos and Kaszanka’

‘You have to go off the beaten track of crowded South Kensington if you want to find this Slavic restaurant – but it’s totally worth it! Excellent authentic food, from venison to beetroot soup, will take you on a journey to the Polish Golden Age. […]

Smoked salmon, marinated herring, potato pancakes and black sausage are only a few examples of traditional treats from the East, and all this in a Bond movie gentleman’s club setting with impeccable service. If you’re lucky enough to find this hidden gem during a sunny interval, there’s a large terrace perfect for alfresco dining.’ Read More




tst‘I love this stuff, like Jewish and Hungarian, bohemian and Russian food, because it comes with tears and hardship and romance. It’s food that still means something more than the sum of its ingredients, it echoes with old extravagant toasts and boasts. ‘ AA Gill Read More




‘Warsaw meets Knightsbridge’



‘The baskets of breads could have paved the road from the Baltic to the Carpathians – there were generous amounts of pumpernickel and a dark rye bread, both dense and flavour-packed, served with pickled gherkins and butter. […]

Rabbit and prune stew with Kopytka (potato dumplings, like gnocchi) was another hearty, wintry dish that filled out the ribs. If all this sounds too meaty for you, there’s also a vegetarian version of Kulebiak made with braised sauerkraut and properly bosky wild mushrooms inside the pastry case.’ Read More