Beats Of Freedom Screening at Ognisko


11th September ’14 @7pm – £10 at the door or contact 020 7589 0101 to buy tickets.

How Punk Conquered Communism

A timely screening at Ognisko about the music that not only brought literal “beats of freedom” to Poland, but also shows an area of Polish cultural life that had a little more independence.

This popular and thought provoking rock documentary, narrated by Chris Salewicz, focuses on the incredible way that music in Poland managed to thrive despite the suppression.

Taking an unflinching look at the three decades following the end of the war. It shows how radical rock counter-culture smashed through the iron curtain of Communist Poland. With secret messages and codes imbued in the lyrics, Tomek Lipinski recalls how in the 1950′s Poland was like “one big prison.”


With the somewhat sinister under current emitting from the Baltic region, what better way to focus the mind and strengthen the sinews than with a glass of vodka here at Ognisko at the Polish Hearth Club, a home for émigrés. A perfect place for celebrating the indomitable spirit and energy of those who lived and worked through this toughest of Polish times.

Introduced by the Narrator Chris salewiccz with a Q&A